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2017 Horizon 2020 Energy Calls for Proposals now open

Two Horizon 2020 Calls for Proposals have been launched this week, they will fund research in biofuels, decarbonisation and smart grids. There is also funding for smart grids demonstration projects and for market update projects for PV, heat pumps, CSP, wind energy, geothermal energy and sustainable fuels. The tables below show the topic areas and the budgets available for these Calls.

UK organisations continue to be eligible for European funding, more information can be found after the tables.  


20th September 2016


5th January 2017

Budget €75M
Call topics and expected EU funding per project, details at Indicative budget (€M)
LCE-08-2017: Development of next generation biofuel technologies, €3M to €6M 10
LCE-21-2017: Market uptake of renewable energy 15technologies, €1M to €3M 15
LCE-27-2017: Measuring, monitoring and controlling the risks of CCS, EGS and unconventional hydrocarbons in the subsurface, €5M to €10M 15
LCE-28-2017: Highly flexible and efficient fossil fuel power plants, €3M to €6M 15
LCE-29-2017: CCS in industry, including bio-CCS, €4M to €9M 20
LCE-30-2017: Geological storage pilots, €9M to €16M 20
Opening  20th September 2016
Deadline  14th February 2017
Budget €114.89M
Call topics (funding action), expected EU funding per project, details at Indicative budget (€M)
LCE-01-2017: Next generation innovative technologies enabling smart grids, storage and energy system integration with increasing share of renewables: distribution network, €2M to €4M 19
LCE-04-2017: Demonstration of smart transmission grid, storage and system integration technologies with increasing share of renewables, €15M to €20M 65.29
LCE-05-2017: Tools and technologies for coordination and integration of the European energy system, €2M to €4M (€0.5M to €1M for one element of topic) 30
LCE-36-2016-2017: Support to the energy stakeholders to contribute to the SET-Plan, €0.6M 0.6


Please see this previous blog about UK eligability for EU horizon 2020 funding.

Further Information 

Call summary document: the priorities and deadlines for the 2017 Energy Calls can be viewed in our Call summary document at  

Please check the published version of the Work Programme to ensure that you have the latest information on the topics compared to the 2016 version. The latest version of the Work Programme can be downloaded at

2015 Horizon 2020 Energy results: The UK performance was strong in the 2015 Calls with €88M of the €594M budget being allocated to UK organisations i.e. 15% of the budget.  Out of 40 countries, the UK is second, only behind Germany with 15.5%.  UK organisations are collaborating with organisations from 33 countries in these successful projects.  More details of the UK performance can be found in our Call results overview at

European Partners: Proposals must usually involve a minimum of three organisations from three different Member States or Associated Countries.  Information on consortium building can be found at    

Support for UK organisations: We provide a free and confidential service to UK organisations on European funding for energy projects. We can help to facilitate UK involvement in these major European collaborative projects.  We are available to discuss proposal ideas and review proposals.  

Please contact Horizon 2020 Energy with any further questions. 

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