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AD research and development goes from strength to strength


The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association’s second Research and Development Forum, 24 April, has brought together industry, academia and the public sector to facilitate discussion on how to maximise the potential of AD R&D, influence further innovation and ensure that this is best directed to support the industry.

The one-day event featured topical presentations and a panel discussions on control and monitoring of the AD process chaired by Dorian Harrison, Monsal, and how best to utilise your digestate, chaired by David Tompkins, WRAP.

The event has been organised by ADBA, Fera, the Environmental Sustainability, and Biosciences KTNs and WRAP, will be held at Fera’s Sand Hutton Applied Innovation Campus near York.

ADBA Chief Executive Charlotte Morton said:

Without continual innovation and clear and coherent discussion between industry, academia and the public sector, the AD industry will not deliver its potential.


The AD industry has a unique dual role to play in supporting the sustainable growth of the UK economy and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in the farming and food and drink sectors where the UK AD industry has the skill to be a world leader.


The Research and Development Forum provides the perfect opportunity for industry to feed in to research their operational problems and concerns and for the research sector to take on board these suggestions to direct further research.

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