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ADBA Participates in Defra Co-Design for Reducing Air Pollution from the Agricultural Sector

ADBA policy analyst, Jo Goad, is currently taking part in a series of workshops hosted by the Defra Tackling Pollution from Slurry and the Agricultural Air Quality team to co-design the future regulations for reducing ammonia emissions from the agricultural sector.

The discussions in the workshops will inform a consultation on reducing ammonia emissions from organic manures (including digestates) later on in the year.

Discussions will build upon the original proposals in the 2019 Clean Air Strategy, to require covers for digestate stores, low emission spreading and rapid incorporation of organic manures into soils.

Defra have reiterated that they are open to suggestions at this stage and so if you would like to feed into the co-design process, please contact Jo with any thoughts on how to reduce ammonia emissions from digestates and any other considerations to propose.

Contact Jo at over the summer to feed into these workshops

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