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ADBA Pipeline Feedback Required

For those of you that may have missed it, last week we ran an Ask ADBA where we talked through our Pipeline document and its’ different sections. Pipeline holds a vast amount of data on operational plants and plants that have been granted planning permission, which includes information on electrical capacities, feedstocks, planning status etc. as well as providing snapshots of the current industry which can be useful to Members for many reasons.

Following the session, we really want to gather Members’ feedback on Pipeline in order to understand a bit more about how and what you’re using it for. We’re particularly keen to hear:

  • How many members are using it?
  • What do you find most useful about the data?
  • What’s less useful?
  • If you don’t use it, why?
  • Do you think there’s an easier way of accessing the data?

Members can access the Pipeline here. Please email Leanne with any feedback you might have with regards to any aspect of the document.

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