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Investor community gets view of AD’s benefits

Last week, ADBA’s policy and market analyst, Nick Primmer, and Privilege Finance’s Chief Commercial Officer & CTO, Chris Winward, were invited to present at the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance association’s (UKSIF) annual conference. As the name suggests, the UKSIF is a national association representing a range of investors committed to growing sustainable and responsible finance in the UK. The conference was designed to highlight some of the most exciting industries and their investment opportunities – as such, the UKSIF created a session specifically for us, “The future of biogas: anaerobic digestion and Net Zero”.

The UKSIF initially reached out to ADBA after several of their members read our pivotal report “Biomethane: the Pathway to 2030”. The report successful conveys the broad range of environmental and socio-economic benefits on offer, if we as a society were to simply treat our organic wastes through AD. UKSIF members consequently recognised the potential of AD to support environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors and deliver on sustainable investment criteria.

The panel enabled Nick and Chris to explain what AD is and what it can deliver, and crucially its currently untapped potential. The industry is achieving just one fifth of its full potential. And now, the AD industry could be on the verge a second boom in growth. The first AD-specific support scheme set to funnel £150 million to the industry per year is being developed, the market demand for biomethane as a transport fuel continues to increase, and there has been growing interest from government as to how AD can support farmers post-Brexit. There are exciting times ahead.

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