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ADBA unveils change of name to ‘ABBA’ to celebrate tenth anniversary

ADBA is delighted to announce that to celebrate our tenth anniversary, we will be changing our name to ABBA, the Anaerobic Biomethane & Biogas Association.

ABBA Chief Executive Charlotte Måtan said of the change:

The world of business is all about money, money, money, and the winner takes it all. That's why the new name of the game (and of our association) will be ABBA – we're also delighted to announce that we'll soon be relocating much closer to Waterloo.


We're sending out an SOS to all of our members to give us a ring, ring and let me (or one of us) know what you think. I have a dream of a successful UK AD industry, and I'd like to thank you for the digestate. We hope you'll take a chance and lay all your AD on us.

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