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BEIS launches a review into Net Zero Strategy

Since the UK government published the Net Zero Strategy, outlining how it intends to reach net zero by 2050, a lot has changed within the geo-political arena. The Russian invasion of Ukraine combined with other global factors has changed the economic landscape in the UK. High energy prices and inflation have placed huge pressure on UK businesses and households. 

Considering these changes, the government recently commissioned a review into how the government approaches the Net Zero Strategy. This review intends to understand better the different ways the net zero can be delivered while maximising the economic opportunities of the transition. Reaching the net zero targets by 2050 without delay is fundamental to achieving the Paris Agreement’s 1.5-degree goal, and this review aims to understand how the UK can adjust its approach to the ever-changing conditions to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions on time, without placing an undue burden on businesses or consumers. 

Chris Skidmore MP has been appointed as the review chair with overall responsibility for the review and its outputs. During the review, the chair will consider an array of evidence ranging from document analysis to stakeholder and expert interviews, to draw a set of recommendations on how to adjust and improve the net zero strategy to reach the targets without a delay.  

BEIS intends to launch a call for evidence in due course. Meanwhile, the terms of reference for the review can be found here. 

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