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Case studies needed for ADBA’s letter to the new Ofgem Chief Executive, Jonathan Brearley

ADBA will be writing to the new Ofgem Chief Executive, Jonathan Brearley regarding a list of issues identified to date amongst the industry stakeholders in their dealings with the office. The points below summarise the information we have obtained thus far. Should you wish to improve the interaction you have with Ofgem, please contact us with any additions to the list you wish see addressed.

  1. Better channels of communication, as well as organised operational teams are required, as delays in Ofgem's response have been experienced by service users. 
  2. Transfer of ownership for biomethane calls for extra guidance.
  3. Feedstock accreditation and eligibility need policy review.
  4. Better interaction between schemes is necessary.

Please feel free to submit your opinions by email to Jon Harrison

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