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DAERA Ammonia Strategy- call for responses

DAERA have published their draft ammonia strategy and ADBA will be replying.

While the strategy does not cover emissions from digestate and AD specifically, some of the proposals may have knock-on consequences for the AD industry. For this reason, we are asking for feedback on the following areas:

Proposed measures that apply to AD: 

2. Emerging technologies

5. Move to stabilised urea fertiliser

9. Covering above ground slurry stores and lagoons.

Mechanisms for Adoption of Ammonia Reduction Measures

  • Cross cutting support through Green Growth and Future
    Agricultural Policy
  • Support through Knowledge Transfer and education
  • Spatially targeted measures around Designated Sites

Prompt questions

  • Do you know of any technologies within the AD sector that reduce ammonia emissions?
  • Do you believe that the need to stabilise urea fertilisers will cause enough burden for farmers to consider using digestates instead?
  • Are there any lagoon/ slurry stores which mitigate ammonia emissions while capturing biomethane? Are there any co-benefits in covering slurry stores for our industry?
  • Do you believe that the funding and knowledge transfer suggestions outlined by DAERA go far enough?

To read the full consultation, please click here: Draft Ammonia Strategy for Northern Ireland Consultation | Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (

If you have any ideas/ anything you would like to contribute, please contact Jo Goad:


Since 2020, it has been an obligation to spread digestate using low emission spreading techniques and this strategy proposes to extend this to spreading slurry.

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