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Do you know about ADBA’s R&D services?

Why is ADBA interested in research?

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As a scientific process based on principles from biology, chemistry and physics, it is obvious that an industry built to exploit the benefits of anaerobic digestion technology would need the support of its research community.


The challenge is finding the relevant piece or pieces of research that could help you in your business. Do you want to improve mixing in the digester and therefore want to understand the principles of fluid dynamics and viscosity? Or do you have a complicated mix of feedstocks and you want to make sure you are maximising the biogas potential of this mixture by feeding the digester appropriately?


At ADBA we want to support our thriving and active research community and our growing industry community by helping them to connect; feeding in industry problems and issues to academics, government departments and research councils to ensure the barriers to continued industry growth are resolved.

So what are we doing?

Finding out about all the research that is going on, understanding it and making this accessible is quite a big and challenging job, not to mention past research that looks at founding principles that could be really useful to operators just starting out in AD. This is why we started organising our R&D Forums in conjunction with WRAP, FERA, the Environmental Sustainability, Transport and Biosciences KTNs where research can be presented and industry and academia can talk to each other about their interests and problems. Our next ADBA R&D Forum will take place 12-13 November, find out more here.


At the same time we are currently collating the information for an academic portal, here on, where biographies and research interests for research scientists working in AD will be available along with references to their publications.


A major focus is developing an industry strategy for AD R&D innovation, to help the industry identify the problems and barriers industry is facing that could be resolved with research and to direct available funding to the areas of most need.

What does this mean for you as an ADBA member on a day-to-day basis?

As ADBA’s R&D Liaison Manager I meet with, speak to and email researcher scientists and companies undertaking research projects. I will then use the tools available to ADBA to help get the information out to industry either in the magazine column, or on the blog here.


If your company does its own research our R&D Tax Credits service could be really valuable. R&D Tax relief is available to companies investing in research and development and the definition of what constitutes R&D is much broader than most people think. ADBA has teamed up with InnovationPlus to offer ADBA members tax credit advice at a significantly reduced rate. Find out more here.


This means if you are looking for information on current AD research at different institutions or an academic with a particular research interest or if a research scientist or company that is interested in doing a particular piece of research is looking for industry partners I can try to put people in touch with each other. Simply drop me an email.

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