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Farmers: have your say on what should be included on the Productivity and Slurry Grant Items list

While funding applications for 2023’s Farming Equipment and Technology Fund for productivity and slurry closed in April, it was today announced that with over 3,000 applications, the funding was extended from £17 million to £31 million to enable more awards to be given. The huge uptake demonstrates the appetite for items that improve productivity on farms.

Currently, digestate related items available through the funding include

  • Remote controls for engine driven slurry pumps (£5,220)
  • Nurse tanks minimum capacity 50m3 (£11,400)
  • Nurse tanks minimum capacity 100m3 (£14,700)

Defra have opened a survey to gauge from industry and stakeholder which items they would like to see added to the list of items for 2024, which should be removed and which item specifications need to be updated. This is a great opportunity for us to advocate for the inclusion of items that would improve the usability and environmental credentials of digestates on farmland.  For reference, any items included must contribute to the objectives of the scheme which are to:

  • boost productivity or innovation in agriculture, horticulture and forestry 
  • encourage sustainable pesticide usage  
  • encourage better use of organic manures/nutrients  
  • improve water and/or air quality  
  • improve soil quality and/or soil management  
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with our net zero target  
  • reduce unsustainable use of abstracted water  
  • encourage sustainable management of woodlands 

In addition, for potential items to be eligible to be included they must: 

  • be new   
  • be available ‘off the shelf’, ideally with short manufacture and delivery periods   
  • be retained and used for 5 years after the grant is paid
  • have a maximum cost in the region of £62,500 — we may consider items with a cost above this level, but the maximum grant contribution from us will be £25,000.       
  • not require approval for installation or use by a third party. For example, it must not require planning permission or consent from the Environment Agency to install the equipment .

The full blog post about the survey can be found here: Help us to review productivity and slurry grant items  – Farming (

If you would like to propose any items for ADBA to advocate to be included on the list, please reach out to Jo  by 26th June at

As a reminder, the list of items for 2023 can be found here: Annex 3: FETF 2023 Productivity and Slurry eligible Items – GOV.UK (

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