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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Clean Energies Investor Launch with UK NGB Funding Deal

Clean Energies Investor has marked its launch in the UK with a three plant funding deal to bio renewable pioneer, New Generation Biogas (NGB).

Clean Energies Investor is a renewable energy investment firm that supports and funds emerging and under-developed sources of UK renewable energy, such as Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Biomass.

By 2018, the Company plans to build a pipeline of emerging renewable energy plants to supply power to over 20,000 homes in the UK.

NGB Funding Deal

Clean Energies have partnered with New Generation Biogas (NGB) to build three advanced 200 kW Anaerobic Digestion plants in the UK. The deal will see three plants built and fully operational by the end of 2015 with a further agreement in place to upscale the roll out in 2016.

NGB has been developing and testing its advanced Anaerobic Digestion system for a total of six years with a prototype plant in operation for the past 12 months. This new AD system can, reliably, generate energy from a broader group of waste and feed stock sources, six times faster and up to 30% more efficiently than conventional AD plants.

How Clean Energies Investor work

Clean Energies source, fund and build emerging renewable energy plants. The Company equity fund the early stages of each project and once on track, raise capital for the later stage development or for replica plant builds, through high yielding Bonds.

Clean Energies currently offers a 10% three year fixed rate bond with interest paid quarterly. The offer period ends on 31 July 2015 and you can invest in the bond here.

If you’re not ready to invest at this point you can register with Clean Energies today to keep up to date with new projects and investment opportunities.

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