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Minister Of State, Fergus O’Dowd officially opens New HQ for Edina


Irish based Edina, Europe’s leading renewable energy power generation company is proud to announce that Minister of State, Fergus O’Dowd officially opened their new headquarters
in Swords, County Dublin on the 1 May 2014.

The company has been a leading exponent of developing anaerobic digestion (AD) power plants in the UK and recently Australia, and built the first AD projects in Ireland. Established in 1985, the Edina story is one of constant growth even during the worst of recessions and now the company has 160 employees and exports its products, manufactured in Ireland, all over the world.

Minister of State, Fergus O’Dowd was recently given responsibility for the bio-energy sector at the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources and the Department of
Environment, Community and Local Government. Already he has held meetings with local
organisations promoting the benefits of AD and shown a keen interest in how these can help both the economy of Ireland and the well being of its citizens. The official opening was a showcase
for local organisations, companies and other interested parties to learn about AD and to promote technological solutions.

Minister O’Dowd took a keen interest in understanding the benefits to both the country and the environment that AD can provide and engaged with each of the exhibitors to understand that this technology is tried and tested and already available in the country today. A great day was had by all, not only the official guests but the by the many visitors from local businesses and the community wishing to know more about power generation from renewable sources.

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