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Monsal installed technology base exceeds 250,000 tonnes


Monsal saw new contract awards in the first six months of 2013 bringing committed processing capacity of food waste AD to over 250,000 in the UK, positioning Monsal as the number one provider of high quality food waste AD infrastructure.

250,000 tonnes of food waste is the equivalent waste from over 6,000,000 people.

Monsal now has six large scale food waste digestion plants in operation or construction with a number of utility and energy clients. The average plant size is 40,000 tonnes.

Over the last three years of operation the Monsal pre-treatment (Monsal Re:Sep) and Monsal hydrolysis, pasteurisation, digestion (Monsal HPD) plant has been successfully demonstrated on a wide range of feed streams including; supermarket waste, C&I waste, source segregated local authority waste and food manufacturing slurries to name a few. The process combines the advantages of efficient separation of wastes with up to 20% packaging, robustness and low maintenance whilst maximising biogas production by pre-conditioning organics.

The Monsal technology is an award winning process generating significant benefits for its clients. Earlier on this year GENeco scooped one of the top awards for the Avonmouth food waste treatment plant. The plant uses the Monsal technology platform to transform 40,000 tonnes to renewable energy and solid digestate.

Monsal client GENeco scooped the award on 21 March this year at the WIAA 2013 event at the Hilton NEC.

GENeco takes top honours for its co-located food waste recycling and anaerobic digestion plant in Bristol. The judges were impressed by the concept because it the scheme uses new processes as well as maximises efficiency and suitability of a plant in an existing industrial area.

The project was awarded the 2013 Renewable energy initiative of the year.

Monsal have supplied the complete advanced digestion platform for the project which uses its state-of-the art technology to convert food waste to renewable energy. It is the only plant in the country to be successfully co-located a major wastewater treatment works.

The plant was recently opened by Environment Minister David Heath MP who said:

This [plant] will take a significant amount, up to 40,000 tonnes of food waste…which is a big contribution if we see this happening all across the country then we really can get to grips with what is a very significant problem.

The plant achieved take-over over two months ahead of schedule.

Today Monsal is the advanced digestion technology supplier of choice for major AD infrastructure projects in the water and waste markets.

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