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New ADBA website the one-stop-shop for all things biogas


The new website, now live at, has been designed to speak to a wider audience about anaerobic digestion and biogas helping to communicate the benefits of AD for those outside the sector, whilst providing ADBA’s members and the AD industry with the information they need, in a much more effective and personal way.

The website redesign follows on from ADBA’s rebrand launched at the industry trade show, UK AD & Biogas in July 2012. ADBA decided to review its brand to ensure it was communicating effectively with multiple audiences including the farming, food and drink and local authority sectors and to make sure the value of AD is widely recognised.

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, ADBA:

AD is a proven technology with a huge range of benefits to many different audiences, which has made it hard in the past for the industry to explain its benefits effectively. The new website is a key communication tool and resource for our members, the AD industry and the wider public.


As the industry trade association it is our responsibility not only to support our members and ensure they have what they need to grow their businesses, but we must also support and develop the industry as whole. That means engaging people and organisations from outside the AD sector.


The new look and feel website is now much more user friendly, making it the one-stop-shop for answers to all your AD and biogas questions. Whether you are a farmer, a civil servant, an ADBA member, a local authority, someone working in government, or any other business for which AD is a real ‘no-brainer’, you can now find out exactly how AD and ADBA could work for you.

Improved Media Area

The website also includes an improved press section. Members of the press will find ADBA’s archived press releases, answers to common questions about AD and ADBA and useful links and resources here. A high res image gallery is coming soon.

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