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PRESS RELEASE: AD Delivers more jobs & baseload energy sooner than Hinkley

In response to today’s announcement regarding Hinkley, ADBA's Chief Executive, Charlotte Morton, commented:

It is remarkable that the government has proposed a subsidy of £0 / MWhe for new baseload waste AD whilst offering a subsidy of £55 / MWhe to Hinkley. The government is closing support to new electricity AD plants in 2018, while Hinkley will be rewarded with a 35 year guaranteed price contract. By the late 2020s, AD would, if supported, be delivering the same amount of electricity as Hinkley. Significantly, however, AD would be delivering at least 1 GWe of this by 2020, five years before nuclear will have generated any power at all, even assuming it is on schedule, which is highly unlikely given the delays at Flammenville and Olkiluoto Island. The domestic AD industry offers not only greater value for money for the consumer, but 10 times more permanent jobs and greater certainty of energy supply. Given the particularly tight margins at peak times, including the current heat wave, the government should not be shutting out a world-leading British industry that has proven its ability to deliver.



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