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ADBA contributes to House of Lords UK energy policy inquiry

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee (EAC) inquiry into the economics of UK energy policy closes this week. The Committee is assessing successes and failures of recent policy interventions and current subsidy arrangements in the energy market. It intends to present a…

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ADBA unveils cost competitiveness task force

The anaerobic digestion (AD) industry outside of the water sector has grown by over 600% in the past five years, partly thanks to innovation from world class UK researchers. ADBA has appealed for academia to focus their current efforts behind…

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Amber Rudd backs indigenous gas

Marking a major shift in UK energy policy, the Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, is today expected to unveil plans to prioritise support for indigenous sources of gas, as she announces the phasing out of coal-fired power stations by 2023. As…

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The fumes from ‘renewables bonfire’ will cost lives

ADBA has written to the chair of the Commons Energy Select Committee, Angus MacNeil MP, asking his committee to scrutinise the impact that DECC’s ‘capacity market’ plans will have on levels of deadly air pollution. The Energy Committee is holding…

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Anaerobic digestion industry fights to survive

The Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association has today strongly objected to DECC’s plans to massively cut back government support for new AD plants. The association’s response to the review of the Feed-in Tariff called for the government to set out…

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Commons Committee summons Energy Minister for hearing

Last month I reported on the House of Commons Energy & Climate Change Committee’s (ECCC) programme for departmental scrutiny as the body of MPs sets out to hold government to account for recent policy announcements. As part of this programme,…

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