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Put yourself in the picture — with AD & Bioresources News

With bonus circulation at the World Biogas Summit and Expo 2023 (March 29&30) and the UK biogas market identified as mission critical in the government’s drive to Net Zero, the forthcoming edition of AD & Bioresources News presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase your products and services.

In the next edition:

ADBA’s Lead Analyst Leanne Williams unpicks the recent flurry of government announcements on Net Zero and the environment which have reemphasised its commitment to biomethane and the critical role it will play in meeting legally binding decarbonisation targets.

John Baldwin, MD, CNG Services, will present the biomethane ladder.

Angela Bywater will consider ‘Advances in Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors (AnMBR)’, the technology that enables sustainable sewage treatment.

ADBA’s technology strategy lead Charlotte Marcel will give the low down on computerised maintenance management systems – and in development predictive maintenance tools.

Charlotte will also answer members’ questions on COMAH regulations and what they mean for AD operators.

Digestate enhancement techniques part 2 – having considered the benefits of mechanical separating in this edition we look at advanced processes to increase the adoption of and value of digestate.

There will also be the full round up of ADBA and members news, policy news, and commentary from ADBA chair Chris Huhne and Public Affairs Lead Giulia Ceccarelli.

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