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Report launch “Transport: Biomethane fuelling a transport revolution”

On 9th June, ADBA launched its latest report – “Transport: Biomethane fuelling a transport revolution“. Available for download here.

Attended by over 150 people, the launch event was highly successful. Chaired by Philip Fjeld, CNG Fuels, a panel of experts from different points within the biomethane-to-transport supply chain presented their business cases and discussed how biomethane can decarbonise heavier modes of transport. Attendees were able to ask numerous questions to panel – the answers of which continue to be resolved post-event as a result of the networking.

The report itself is split into three core sections – the problem, the solution, and the business case – demonstrating how biomethane can immediately decarbonise the transport sector while saving fleet operators money. Its win-win.

Having cut greenhouse emissions (GHGs) by just 5% over the last 30 years, the UK’s transport sector is now the greatest emitter of GHGs. A fifth of these emissions originate from heavy vehicles, such as trucks and buses. Decarbonising these transport modes is particularly difficult. Electricity and hydrogen are still not technologically nor practically ready; for example, long charge times and fuel supply continue to inhibit uptake, respectively. The UK cannot afford to wait 10-20 years until they are.

Biomethane is ready to produce and ready to fuel these heavy vehicles. It can cut GHG emissions by more than 80% and cut air pollution, compared to diesel, and due to the lower fuel duty of gas, fuel costs can be reduced by 40%.

For these reasons, fleet operators are increasingly replacing their diesel vehicles with gas-fuelled ones. The report concludes with a series of case studies highlighting prominent companies who are already making the switch, revealing how and why they are transitioning to biomethane vehicles.

The case studies include:

  • CNG Fuels
  • Air Liquide
  • Asda
  • Royal Mail
  • Liverpool City Council
  • Warrens Group
  • Nottingham City Transport

The report has been sponsored by TiApm and Zevon Energy.

“Market for trucks and buses fuelled by biomethane is rapidly growing – and you can see why. Biomethane’s cost effective carbon savings are unparalleled for these heavier vehicles.” Dr Nick Primmer, Policy analyst, ADBA

“In 2019, 80% of all gas supplied to road transport was biomethane from a waste feedstock. In 2020 the percentage was close to 95%.” Philip Fjeld, CEO, CNG Fuels

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