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Take this survey on AD operational modes

Researchers at Bath University are carrying out a survey to gain insight into the operational modes of anaerobic digesters. 

The survey takes two minutes to complete and asks for information on:

  • ​​Feedstock mix used to produce biogas
  • Hydraulic Residence Time (HRT)
  • Digestion temperature
  • Biogas throughput
  • Methane content in biogas

Data will be used to extrapolate a mathematical relationship between Bio-Methane Potential (BMP) and Hydraulic Residence Time (HRT) for each biogas plant category: food waste, agricultural waste and industrial waste.

The information provided by you in this questionnaire will be used for research purposes. It will not be used in a manner which would allow identification of your individual responses. Findings from the survey will be included within the research thesis or any associated publications. 

If you would like to participate in this survey, click here to start:

For further details on the survey, please contact Mariano Marinari:

Mobile: +44 (0)7778067419


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