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Treasury must back green growth


The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association, which represents 300 businesses in the UK’s AD sector, has backed the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee report on the Energy Bill.

Biogas from anaerobic digestion is a flexible form of renewable energy, which can generate electricity and heat, replace fossil gas in the grid or be used as a transport fuel. It has the potential to meet the equivalent of over 10% of the UK’s domestic gas demand.

Reacting to the Energy Select Committee report, Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, ADBA said,

The Energy Committee are right – George Osborne’s Treasury has never appreciated or backed the potential that green growth offers the UK’s economy.


For a relatively small up-front investment we could create jobs, infrastructure and export markets, as well as tackling climate change and securing the future of energy supplies.


The Energy Bill needs to properly recognise and drive low-carbon energy such as biogas as part of this green economic revolution: with the right support, anaerobic digestion alone could employ 35,000 in the UK.

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