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‘Try before you Buy’ Gas Analysis available at a click from ADBA member Gas Data


Gas Data Ltd, a Midlands-based company that specialises in the analysis of gas, is offering companies the facility to hire its range of portable equipment via its new website

The user-friendly website allows customers to reserve an instrument online as well as providing information and case studies on the models available. Gas Data Ltd designs and manufactures an extensive range of portable and fixed gas analysis instrumentation for a wide range of applications including anaerobic digestion, odour control, border control and landfill management.

Correct monitoring and analysis of gas is essential in a wide variety of industries. In the case of anaerobic digestion, gas analysis will maximise profit by ensuring the optimum amount of methane is maintained and minimising the amount of hydrogen sulphide present which corrodes engines. In the case of border control, gas analysis can detect stowaways and for odour control it helps companies comply with health and safety legislation.

The range of portable hand held analysers from Gas Data enables analysis of a broad range of gases and measurement of related parameters such as gas flow rates, temperatures and pressures. They offer analysis of a comprehensive range of gases including; methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulphide.

Derrick Timms, Sales manager, Gas Data says:

There are all sorts of reasons why someone would want to hire an instrument rather than buy it: they can see how they get on with a particular model before making the decision to buy, they may have an instrument that is away for servicing, or there may be a short term need for gas analysis. Some consultants only need a gas analyser for a couple of days for a specific job. We have also found that this suits the financial model of some organisations which don’t want capital expenditure and would rather pay a monthly fee. Whatever the case, customers can just log on to our website and reserve the type of equipment they want.

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