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Wackerbauer managers win prize for Successful Business people


The Small- and Medium-Sized Business Union and the Young Business people of Mühldorf hosted the fourth annual Business Ball in the Culture Center of Waldkraiburg.

Here the Businesspeoples’ Prize for Outstanding Accomplishment was awarded to the siblings, Claudia and Günther Wackerbauer, general managers of the Wackerbauer Mechanical Engineering Company in Ampfing.

Dignitaries from the business world, politics and society were welcomed by the organisers of the event; Peter Rieder, county chairman of the Small- and Medium-Sized Business Union and Sascha Schürer, spokesman of the board of the Young Business people of Mühldorf.

As is customary at this annual event, the Businesspeoples’ Prize for Outstanding Accomplishment was awarded by the Bavarian Minister of the Environment, Dr Marcel Huber. In his speech honoring the award winners, Dr Huber mentioned he was particularly pleased to present the prize to Claudia and Günther Wackerbauer because he himself comes from Ampfing.

Dr Huber commended the two young businesspeople for their decision to join and become the third generation of managers in the family business. It is quite unique to see that two generations lead the company jointly and to see the significant investments, the expanded production area and increased storage capacity that have been created in the last years.

Further proof of the profitability of the company is the world-wide importance of the new separating mill TM75 for the recycling of bio-waste. The Wackerbauer Mechanical Engineering Company won the Bavarian State Prize for Innovation for this model in 2013. There are currently 46 mills in operation in Austria, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Canada and China with the label “Made in Ampfing”, as Dr Huber reported.

Nevertheless, the Wackerbauer family has remained down-to-earth, is involved in the technical and clerical training of young people, provides English training for their mechanics and technicians and are active members of local clubs and associations, including the International Chamber of Commerce. The entire family is known for their cooperative relationships with their suppliers, business partners, employees and customers.

Visibly touched, Claudia Wackerbauer thanked everyone in the name of the family and her brother, Günther, for the recognition of their hard work. She admitted that it had been difficult for her to grow into her position step by step without becoming overwhelmed with the reponsibility. It was nevertheless “an exciting time” and she is always happy when she is abroad and sees a machine with her name on it. It’s especially wonderful when the customers tell her “the Wackerbauer runs day and night”.

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