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Welcome to the latest issue of AD & Bioresources News: ‘From Biogas to Bioresources’

‘From Biogas to Bioresources – we've changed our name’

AD has always been about more than just the biogas, we all value the nutrients and minerals in the digestate. To ensure we fully represent all the current benefits and those emerging in the biochemistry and products arena, we amended our name to the ‘Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association’ (ADBA) at the start of our membership year, 1 October 2014.

Including bioresources in our remit and name will help keep our industry at the centre of the policy debate on organic resources. Opportunities to create more value from organic material are increasingly being identified by policymakers as the House of Lords report ‘Counting the Cost of Food Waste: EU Food Waste Prevention’ (April 2014) demonstrated.

The principal reasons for ADBA’s broader remit and new name are to make sure that as new technologies emerge, we are able to continue to be the voice of the AD industry and to represent and support companies working to make the ‘best use of resources’. You can read more about this exciting change in our foreword from Stuart Hayward-Higham, ADBA board member and Technical Development Director for SITA UK, as well as in my own introduction and in more detail on pages 10-12.

Also in this issue, you can find updates from Matt’s team on a range of policy issues including the latest on the RHI and COMAH regulations. AD developers will be particularly interested in our Technology Focus, where Harry Waters, Commercial Director for Agrivert, explains why they should pay particular attention when choosing a CHP engine and what to consider when making this long term investment.

If you have not already registered, do join us on 9 December for our sixth ADBA National Conference. With the general election taking place next year, the conference programme will provide a strategic vision for the AD industry for 2015-2020. This year’s agenda will pay particular attention to potential changes in the political landscape and how these could affect your business. You can read the preview on pages 20-22.

Also inside this issue:

  • ADBA National Conference 2014 Preview (p.20-22)
  • UK Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Conference 2014 Review (p.18)
  • Focus on Biomethane: Britain’s biomethane sector hits its stride (p.12-13)
  • NEW! Advice Clinic – Finance (p.34)
  • ADBA R&D Forum 2015 Preview (p.33)


I hope you enjoy this publication and find it informative. If you haven’t contributed before and would like to, turn to p.3 to see how you can be involved in our upcoming features. As always, if you have any views, comments or suggestions – or would like us to visit your site – please get in touch by email: or phone: +44 (0)203 176 0590.

With best wishes,

Charlotte Morton

Chief Executive

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