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Are you getting the most out of your ADBA membership? part 2 of 2

This letter is addressed to suppliers of products and services to the AD industry as well as local authorities, universities and research bodies.


Here at ADBA – the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association – we’ll be checking-in with you over the coming weeks to ensure you are getting the most out of your membership with us. To start off, the purpose of today’s e-mail is to remind you of the benefits of membership.



Growing the market

ADBA was established in 2009 to develop and grow the AD industry. Our role is critical: we win government support, promote innovation and plant optimisation and bring together the UK AD community. The AD industry grew 340% over the last decade, with nearly 700 AD plants operating today. Thus, improving infrastructure and increasing the number of AD plants significantly increases the market for suppliers to sell their products and services. 


Government lobbying

We campaign to ministers, regulators, local authorities and other government officials. Examples of our causes include: subsidies, industry support schemes, CHPs, co-digestion and more. Most recently, we’ve been lobbying for an AD Sector Deal. As part of this, we produced a landmark report “Biomethane: The Pathway to 2030,” and hand-delivered it inside the Houses of Parliament to political leaders. The report made clear biomethane has been achieving only 1/5 of its potential and that, with the right support, it can achieve so much more. See more of our reports.


Market intelligence

Being the AD industry’s association gives us the best vantage-point to conduct research and produce industry-leading resources. We analyse trends, forecasts, supply and demand, energy prices, incentives, tariffs, emerging technologies, digestate quality, benchmarks and more. Our comprehensive map modelling and database of AD plants are ideal for targeting your key customers and instrumental to your own market research. Also, check out our market analysis in our policy reports, online newsroom and newsletters.


Media and promotion

ADBA provides media relations support, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, social media, our own industry magazine, technology compatibility studies and case studies. Send us your press releases, product launches, thought-leadership articles, videos, announcements and your other materials. We will be glad to promote you free-of-charge on our communication channels. Contact Robert Zlokower, Marketing – Membership, at and +44 (0) 20 3960 0780.


Network of contacts

The AD community’s solidarity is strengthened through our ‘matchmaking’ amongst developers, operators, service providers, technology providers, product suppliers and feedstock suppliers. Check out our online industry directory and “Feedstock Finder” service. We recently launched an online platform for tenders, job vacancies and announcements. By partnering with other associations, for example the National Farmers’ Union, we integrate AD in other sectors. We also liaise with local authorities. 


Industry events

Our events calendar is packed with our national conferences, regional breakfasts and luncheons (Covid-19 permitting), an international expo, an awards ceremony, members-only meetings, webinars, online networking sessions and product showcases. Members come for free or at discounted rates. 


Expert advice

ADBA’s staff work year-round to give you 1-to-1 support. Our team advises members on legislation, regulation, investment, business development, technology, Brexit, Covid-19 and other pressing issues. We also talk you through the data in our comprehensive AD plant database and map (see “Market intelligence” above). Contact Tasneem Mayet, Senior Policy Manager, at and +44 (0) 203 960 0777.



Our training programme is unparalleled and has been gaining popularity year-on-year. Topics include: digestate, plant optimisation, health and safety, feedstock, clamping and more. We publish guides for national government, local authorities, farmers and plant operators. We partner with universities and promote R&D funding.


Working groups

Collaboration is key. That is why we facilitate “Working Groups” on topics such as agriculture, food waste, safety and more.



ADBA represents and serves 300 organisations, spanning AD operators, equipment suppliers, finance specialists, farmers, academics, waste management companies, gas distribution networks and other businesses and specialisms. We contribute to the nation’s economy and environment. At the same time, we help our members’ cut costs and succeed.


Find out more by visiting ADBA’s website and keep up to date via our weekly members e-newsletter. Let me know if you need a hand logging in or subscribing. We also pair every member with their very own account manager so you can reap the benefits of your membership. Call, e-mail or meet us – with any question… any time!

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