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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Bock UK Introduce New Specialist Silage Clamp Wall Paint

Bock UK, The UK’s #1 Silage Clamp Experts, are delighted to introduce our New Specialist Silage Clamp Wall Paint

Water based, grey paint that will give your concrete panelled silage clamp a smooth, protective finish making your clamp look brand new and ensures the longevity of your panels.

  • Perfect for repairing minor scuffs, cracks and abrasions on concrete panels
  • Highly wear resistant – protects your concrete panels from the damaging effects of silage leachate, increasing their lifespan
  • Prevents silage from sticking to the walls, which protects against mould and bacteria growth
  • Easy and quick to apply using a paint brush, roller or spray gun
  • Safe to use – non-toxic and non-allergenic


  1. First layer: dilute the Bock Wall Paint with 30-50% water and apply to the concrete panels
  2. Allow the first application to dry for 2-6 hours
  3. Second layer: apply the wall paint undiluted and leave the panels to dry

Technical information

Water based, protective coating for concrete silage clamp panels

Fast drying, excellent adhesion to concrete, inflammable, non-toxic, non-allergenic, heat resistant up to 70°C

Shelf Life
12 months

Store in a cool, dry place within a temperature range of 10-30°C

Concrete Preparation
The concrete walls of your silage clamp must be clean, dry and free of dust, oil and grease before applying the Bock wall paint.

Thinning Agent

Application Conditions
Ideal temperature for application is between 15-25°C. Do not apply the Bock wall paint in temperatures below 10°C

Application Sizes
Bock Wall Paint is supplied in 10L and 20L tubs

An annual coating of Bock wall paint is recommended to maintain and prolong the life of your concrete panels

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