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Research & Innovation Hub Programme Confirmed

We are delighted to say that the Research & Innovation (R&I) hub programme has now been confirmed. We have an excellent line up of speakers over the two days, you will hear about the following topics:

  • Optimising the AD process: every little helps

The AD sector needs to extract every more value from resources. Join this session to explore a variety of options available to make this happen.

  • Producng methane or chemicals: what is the future for AD?

AD is currently seen as a methane and digestate technology. This session asks what chemicals can be produced from AD, and what their value might be.

  • Advances in pre-treatment technologies

Methane yields for many feedstocks can be increased through the use of pre-treatment technologies. Here we consider which technologies offer the most potential to treat difficult feedstocks such as woody material and grass.

  • Feature Talk: The use of recycled manure solids as cattle bedding, Dr Jenny Gibbons.

Following a session on digestate, we’re delighted that Jenny Gibbons of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) will be joining us to talk about the current use of recycled manure as cattle bedding, and why digestate is not permitted as bedding.

  • Can research and innovation resuce on farm AD?

A recent International Energy Agency Task 37 report into farm digesters stated that AD could potential provide a viable solution to slurry management. This session looks at the viability and sustainability of farm AD.

  • Digesting the indigestable: plastic and indigestable bags in food waste and how to manage them

Depackaged material and biodegradeable bags can be a huge cost for food waste AD operators to dispose of. Here we explore how this cost can be reduced.

  • The digstate challenge: research to maximise nutrient use efficiency

Digestate contains valuable nutrients, but can also be a cost to AD operators to dispose of. This session discusses how nutrient use can be maximised. 

  • Networking Lunch on both days

Bring your lunch and discuss the latest research, funding opportunities and industry-academia collaboration with experts from the Anaerobic Digestion Network, the Knowledge Transfer Network and ADBA.

For more information about the two days please click here; Day 1, Day 2

For any queries about the day, please contact Emma Thomas.

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