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What FIT tariffs can you expect in the future?

At ADBA, we have been keeping track of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) queue for AD and done some analysis on what this means for future tariffs. FIT queue In February 2016, quarterly caps were introduced for AD that placed a…

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NEW AD Market & Policy Report published

The November 2017 edition of the Market & Policy Report has just been published and is now available online. Click here to access the full PDF version of the report. The first half of the report reviews what government support for…

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CHP replacement update

During the last year, ADBA has sought clarification from Ofgem and BEIS on how they would interpret replacement of CHP installations under the FIT. Earlier this year, ADBA joined with other trade associations representing the other FIT technologies (the British…

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Replacing CHP installations under the FIT

The vast majority of AD plants with CHP have commissioned since 2010, following the introduction of the FIT. As such, due to the high build quality of engines most AD plants would not have needed to replace their installations to…

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FIT queued capacity: now space in Tariff Period 4

Last week Ofgem published their latest report on the FIT deployment queue. This assigns a provisional tariff period to each plant, which informs the point at which a plant's one year validity period would begin and the tariff it would secure.…

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ADBA calls for sector support from new Government

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive of the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA), has congratulated Prime Minister Theresa May on forming a new Government, but called for swift action to overcome uncertainty and assist the AD sector in boosting the economy, creating…

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