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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: One of Europe’s Largest Anaerobic Digestion Plants opens in Denmark

Earlier this week the official opening ceremony for one of Europe’s largest biomethane plants was held in Northern Jutland, Denmark.

Purac Puregas supplied the Anaerobic Digestion facility with a CApure CA70 biogas upgrading plant which can process up to 3,000Nm3/h of raw biogas into pure biomethane for grid injection.

“Today we take another important step towards a more robust agricultural sector. When we take residuals, manure and make biogas, it benefits the farmers and the environment. Biogas production contributes to the Danish energy and the green transition “, says Søren Gade and points out that biogas potential is still huge in Denmark.

The new biogas plant in Vrå will annually process 300,000 tons of biomass, of which approximately 250,000 tonnes of manure that would otherwise have ended up as untreated manure on fields.

“When we open the valve for the new biogas plant today, we make it easier to convert manure and food scraps to green energy. The green energy can later be used to displace fossil fuels in the transport sector, and in doing so something good for the environment and our economy, “says Tore Harritshøj, Director of E.ON Denmark and points out that the plant reduce Denmark's CO2 emissions by approximately 25,000 tons annually.

Farmer and partner Jens Peter Lunden reflected on a fast and efficient building process: “Just a year ago this was a flat cornfield. Today, our biogas plant goes into operation and supply gas to the grid. It is with pride that today we can reap the fruits of the hard work”

The plant, the size of 12 football fields, is the result of a collaboration between Jens Peter Lunden and E.ON Denmark A/S, and the establishment is supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and Food Ministry of Rural development program. The plant will annually supply the Danish gas with approximately nine million. cubic meters of biomethane. This corresponds to the annual consumption of 4,300 cars or 250 buses if they were running on biogas or gas consumption of 6,500 homes. Grøngas Vraa employs approximately 10 people on a daily basis.

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